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Who We Are?

The brainchild of Md Bilal Azam and later joined by Md Khaqan Zeka, Life Productions started its journey as an amateur agency creating short films. It soon expanded into an internationally recognised digital marketing company consisting of a team of highly skilled professionals with global exposure including web designers, photographers, graphic designers, social media handlers facilitating high quality marketing premium content at the most cost effective prices. We are veterans in Social media marketing, graphic designing, web designing and digital marketing and one of the few teams who hold excellent expertise in 3D videos and animation. Personalization and exclusivity are the major aspects of a brand and we as a creative team are consistently dedicated to charter unique techniques and clear cut approach to marketing which have 100% ability to place your brand way ahead in the rat race. Our company’s main goal is to objectively optimize and select prospective consumers for your product and devise dynamic strategies through which the brand will connect to the maximum targeted consumers. We then execute those strategies across all social media platforms enhancing the marketability of the product. In this speedy business world, we value time and are committed to deliver premium quality content well ahead of deadline at the most feasible rates.


Who We Are? Meet Our Team!
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Md. Bilal Azam


A gifted photographer with brilliant observation skills, Bilal has been in the digital marketing world since six years. Reed More


Md. Khaqan Zeka


An avid traveller, an explorer and a visionary movie maker, Khaqan is an extremely methodical business planner Read More


Raja Dutta

Senior Graphic Designer and Photographer

A Graduate in Bachelor of Applied Arts, Raja is a professional graphic designer. He is also a painter and a landscape photographer  Read More

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Somedatta, as a creatively motivated person has stunning graphic skills and an artistic mind-set.She has the ability  Read More